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From sewing classes to creative workshops, Mood U School is committed to providing quality education to our students. Mood U School gathers highly recognized and talented designers/instructors from all over the world to bring the best in-store and online learning platform. Come join us – we cannot wait to see what you can make!


NY 6-Week Course | Beginner Sewing for Kids


NY 6-Week Course | Beginner Sewing for Kids


The Mood U 6-Week Beginner Sewing Course for Children (ages 9-15) is a set of six (6) consecutive weekly in-store classes designed to teach the fundamentals of sewing by creating a simple bag from start to finish!

Students will learn basic home-sewing machine operating skills, pattern layout, fabric cutting, sewing construction, and finishing techniques. This class is a perfect opportunity for children to realize their sewing dreams and enjoy the creative process.

The first sewing project is our popular Mood U Tote Bag. Each week we focus on a different stage of the project, and by the end of the 6-week session students will have completed their own customized Mood U Tote Bag from start to finish. From this single project you will have built a solid foundation of sewing skills and techniques to prepare you for our intermediate sewing class for children where you will learn the basics of garment construction.

PLEASE NOTE: To attend the Mood U 6-Week Beginner Sewing Course for Kids with FREE tuition, you will need to purchase the complete Mood U Sewing Kit; a well-rounded selection of quality sewing tools to get you started on your creative journey. Each item in the kit has been carefully selected and will be used at various stages of your Mood U Tote Bag project. You can purchase this kit in-store anytime during regular store hours up to the first day of your scheduled class for $140.00 incl. tax. All of the items in the Mood U Sewing Kit can be used for our Mood U 6-Week Intermediate Sewing Course for Children, as well as many of our workshops.

Required Supplies

PLEASE NOTE: To attend The Mood U 6-Week Beginner Sewing Course for Adults with FREE tuition, you will need to purchase the complete Mood U Sewing Kit.


  • Mood Vinyl Carrier Bag (Free with Purchase of Sewing Kit)
  • The Reader's Digest "New Complete Guide to Sewing" Book
  • Mood U Tote Bag Pattern
  • Mood Fabrics Apron
  • 2 Spools Gutermann All-Purpose Thread (contrasting colors)
  • Sewing Machine Bobbins
  • Fabric Shears
  • Paper Shears
  • Straight Pins (color ball pins)
  • Pin Cushion
  • Seam Ripper
  • 18" x 2" Clear Plastic Ruler
  • Tape Measure
  • Tailor's Chalk (blue & white)
  • Tapered Awl
  • Hand Sewing Needles (assorted pack)
  • Sharp or Universal Sewing Machine Needles Size 14 or 16

Please bring these additional items to the second class in week 2

  • 1 yard SELF FABRIC - the fabric for the outside of your bag (non stretch, medium to heavy weight)
  • 1 yard LINING FABRIC - what is seen on the inside of your bag (non stretch, light to medium weight)
  • 1 yard CANVAS OR DENIM FABRIC - used between lining and self fabric for structure (non stretch, medium to heavy weight)
  • 1 Spool Gutermann All-Purpose Thread (to match project fabric)

Fabrics will be discussed with your instructor during the first class in week 1. Depending upon the width of fabric you choose for the bag, you may need 1¼ to 1½ yards of each fabric instead of 1 yard of each.