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From sewing classes to creative workshops, Mood U School is committed to providing quality education to our students. Mood U School gathers highly recognized and talented designers/instructors from all over the world to bring the best in-store and online learning platform. Come join us – we cannot wait to see what you can make!


Nancy Riegelman's Tutorials


In this video series, world renowned fashion illustrator, Nancy Riegelman, guides you through the art of fashion drawing. She discusses her acclaimed books, Nine Heads, Colors for Fashion and Face Fashion. Each book goes into depth about what it takes to make a stunning representation of your designs in order to better communicate the look you want to bring to life. With her notebook, draw and collect inspiration within its high-quality pages for any project you may be working on. To purchase these books, visit our store or! We also feature Drawing Sessions from Nancy Riegelman herself to get you started! 

Nancy Riegelman's Book: 9HEADS

9 Heads 4th edition by Nancy Riegelman is a completed guide in the art of drawing 9 head fashion figures through over 1000 new drawings featuring the latest fashion garments as well as numerous new step-by-step diagrams for drawing the fashion croquis.

Nancy Riegelman's Book: Colors For Fashion

Nancy Riegelman introduces her book Colors For Fashion. This book teaches the skills and techniques that enable new ideas for fashion to be communicated with precision and flair, showing the way forward for a new generation of fashion designers. Colors for Fashion teaches how to draw fashion using colored markers, a medium that is easy to use, convenient, inexpensive and easy to learn.

Nancy Riegelman's Book: Face Fashion

It's our privilege to host world renowned fashion illustrator, Nancy Riegelman. In this video, Ms. Riegelman personally introduces her highly acclaimed book, "Face Fashion". Face Fashion, with its  unique chapters on hair, makeup, and accessories, is recognized worldwide as an industry standard for all levels of students. 

Nancy Riegelman's Book: Fashion Design Notebook

9 Heads Fashion Notebook - Women's or Men's Fashion by Nancy Riegelman is the perfect outlet for designers everywhere striving to illustrate a collection of 'flats' involving women's garments and accessories. With 144 pages of drawing paper divided up into 125 pages of front and back view 9 head fashion figures as well as 19 pages of detailed fashion drawings and design information, this notebook can serve as both a learning device as well as a product development institution.

Nancy Riegelman: Drawing Sessions | BLENDING COLORS

Colored markers are now the most accepted and widely used medium for fashion drawing being easy to use, easy to learn, versatile and economical. In this video Nancy Riegelman demonstrates the techniques used when drawing with markers, from how to hold the marker in different situations and for different effects, how to mix and vary marker colors and how to use markers together with colored pencils for a range of interesting results.

Nancy Riegelman: Drawing Sessions | EMBELLISHMENTS

Embellishments also known by a number of names such as adornments, decorative elements or ornamentations, are seen on many fashionable garments and are often the key feature of the garment, so must be drawn accurately. Referring to virtually any decorative feature that is not part of the body of a garment but is permanently attached to it, “embellishments” covers a wide range of fashion items such as embroidery, beading and other jewels, appliqué, piping, fabrics and others.

Nancy Riegelman: Drawing Sessions | EVENING & WEDDING DRESSES

Wedding gowns, as befits the special importance of the occasions where they are worn, are usually the most elaborate, sumptuous and expensive of dresses and it is important to capture these qualities in our drawings. 

Nancy Riegelman: Drawing Sessions | THE FASHION FACE

In Fashion Illustration, the face must be fashionable: skin and eye make-up fashions change as frequently as garment fashions change and must look up-to-date.

Nancy Riegelman: Drawing Sessions | HAIR

Hair is a key styling element that must look as fashionable as the garments it accompanies or it will make the garments look dated. Hair is highly visible—as much on a drawing as on the head, and must be drawn correctly so the drawing does not suffer. 

Nancy Riegelman: Fashion Drawing Sessions | SHADING

Drawing is the most powerful tool of fashion design. The more realistic we make our drawings the easier it is to understand our designs. Objects take their three-dimensional appearance from the patterns of shadow and light that appear on their surfaces so to make objects appear realistic in drawings we imitate those patterns—we employ shading.